What I’m Doing Now

Welcome to my Now page. I’m currently living in my homeland New Zealand after almost 10 years away. I’m in Pukekohe, a semi-rural town in South Auckland and I’m focusing on these things:

  • Watching Welcome to Wrexham and The Last Kingdom
  • Got my first tattoo at 38, my daughter’s name in morse code
  • Loving the Warriors start to the season (nrl.com.au)
  • Preparing to move back overseas
  • Disliking Chelsea’s season
  • Writing and jamming new songs for The Situations 4th Album
  • Loving Huddersfield Town’s (my wife’s local team) comeback in the EFL
  • Celebrating winning a championship for Karaka Cricket Club
  • Working as a Health & Well-being Educator at Life Education Trust
  • Being a Husband and a Dad, walking, singing, dancing, reading, spending time doing family things
  • Reading Positivity
  • Continuing to establish “Agentic Teachers
  • Establishing some healthy habits: see Atomic Habits

This is what i’m up to right now.

If you would like to get in contact please email hello@agenticteachers.com

Updated: April 19th 2023