My Story – Other Experiences

My wife taught me how to ride a horse, this has lead to countless horse treks, including 5 days on the steppes of Mongolia (fermented horse milk, really does have a kick to it)

Played rugby in a sandstorm in Dubai

Traveled to many beautiful locations, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Oman and across the Middle East for travel and sports. Most of western Europe on tour with music. England, Scotland, Wales, Australia, USA, New Caledonia, China, Hong Kong, South Africa, Uganda, Latvia 

Was never a “car enthusiast” but found myself working at a Custom Car workshop where I learnt how to signwrite, make stuff out of fibre glass, use big mechanic type tools and take a car apart and kinda put it back together

Learnt how to build blogs and websites

Walked among chimpanzees in the wild

Worked in an up market recycled clothing store in the posh part of Auckland (without any prior experience in retail)

Taught myself how to setup a recording studio at home. I was able to finish recording an album in Shanghai while the rest of the band was working in New Zealand

Drove with my Kia Sportage through desert to a remote location to perform at a festival and camp out

Drove my 20 year old Rav 4 through parks in Uganda with elephants, giraffes and lions right outside my window

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