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Why Teachers Should Embrace Holidays – Guilt-Free

It’s frustrating to hear people outside of education complain about teachers getting holidays. Most of the time, the complaints are less about us, and more about the people raising the issue. People are envious and wish they got a break from their jobs a bit more often too. Yet, very few are prepared to become teachers, when they weigh it up, holidays aren’t enough to make up for what is actually required from a modern teacher.

By Samuel Kett

Why do so many of us feel like we need to justify term breaks?

We say things like….

  • “They’re not holidays, it’s actually ‘non-contact time’”
  • “We work most of the holidays anyway”
  • “Not only do teachers need a break to stave off burn-out, but the students need a break too”

Let’s look at a couple of reasons, why we should, as much as possible, fully embrace holidays as a guilt-free break from work.

Most People Can’t Be Teachers, Let Alone Want To Be Teachers

Having the ability to lead a learning environment with 25+ children every day is a skill in itself and something that most people can’t do. This part of teaching alone requires so much energy, love and time, and then we add the countless administrative tasks teachers do every day. Taking this into consideration it is only reasonable to give teachers a break every 10 weeks and if someone questions it, ask why they didn’t become a teacher if the holiday time is so fabulous.

Students Deserve The Best of You

Term breaks give us the chance to reset and focus on our health. We can put time into the things that give us a firm grounding in life; for me that’s family, friends, rest, nature, wholesome kai, and pursuing personal goals. Teachers deal with everyone else’s problems all day every day. They live their lives for someone else’s child for 40 weeks a year. When we get a true break to focus purely on what’s important to us, we can turn up refreshed, energised, motivated and enthusiastic for the next term. Teachers who bring this vibe to school, inspire and empower their students. 

Let’s embrace and own our holiday time, whether that be a few days, a week, or even a couple of weeks of not doing any teaching work, you deserve it, you need it and our children benefit from us being well-rested and refreshed. 


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