Video: What If Teaching Isn’t All You Want To Do?

Video: What If Teaching Isn’t All You Want To Do?

Emilie Wapnick- Founder & Creative Director @ “a home for multipotentialites”

Does teaching mean you have to deny your other passions? Ever since we were toddlers, we are asked “What would you like to be, when you grow up?” We’re expected to choose one thing. However, as Emilie Wapnick says in this video, “While this question inspires kids to think about what they want to be, it does not inspire them to think about ALL that they could be”.

By Samuel Kett

You CAN Pursue Your Other Interests And Still Be A Teacher

This video changed my life (you could stop reading there and just watch the video if you wanted haha). Seriously though; if you are an educator who finds it difficult committing the majority of your life to one main pursuit, then the above video is a must-watch. You don’t have to give up on teaching, you can shape your life to suit you.

As I have said, this video was honestly life-changing. I was almost at a breaking point with what direction to take in my career, I love teaching and learning, but I was not able to give my other interests and passions the energy that I wanted to. However, Emilie’s message opened up a new way of thinking for me that not only kept me in teaching but set me on a path to intensify and cultivate all of my other interests and skills too.

Skills Outside Of Teaching

I’m sure many of you reading this have multiple interests and could totally do great things outside of teaching if you could structure your life so that you can give your other passions the time they deserve. If given the right support and structure, many teachers could not only be great educators but also entrepreneurs and artists. Some of the teachers I have worked with have also had skills as:

Classical Musicians, Chefs, Painters, Athletes, Actors, Translators, Counsellors, Yoga Instructors, Cheerleaders, Authors, Keynote Speakers, Dancers, Singers, Environmentalists, Scientists, Occupational Therapists, Coaches, ….and the list goes on. Shouldn’t all of this potential art, influence and inspiration be given the chance to have an impact?

In Short

Emilie’s message in this Ted Talk finally helped me to see that having many interests is not the burden that our society makes it out to be (e.g. “Jack Of All Trades, Master of None”). Some teachers are specialists, great, we genuinely need those kinds of teachers. However, some of us have a wide array of interests and skills outside of teaching and we should be encouraged and supported to seriously pursue these. What a great example this sets for the next generation.

For more information and some fantastic courses that help to guide you in shaping a career around ALL of your interests, I suggest you start by visiting Emilie Wapnick’s Website,

Your Turn

I would love to hear your opinion of this Ted Talk and what impact it has on you. Please do leave your thoughts below, I’d really enjoy having a conversation with you about the ideas brought up in this video. I have completed a few courses through which were amazing and I am also a member of Emilie’s community the puttyverse; so if you have any questions, I am more than happy to try to answer these in the comments section below.


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