Turn Your Many Passions Into A Career You Love

Turn Your Many Passions Into A Career You Love

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Many teachers spend a lot of time pondering the exciting idea of starting afresh with a new career path. This online course “Work Your Work” by Emilie Wapnick, can open your eyes to how you can remain in education while also pursuing your own dreams outside of teaching too!

By Samuel Kett

THIS IS NOT AN ADVERTISEMENT. I’m only recommending this to you because I think it has the potential to be life-changing for you, as it was for me. This course has been updated and is now called “How Multipotentialites Make Money”.

I Thought I Wanted To Quit Teaching

In 2015, teaching in Muscat, Oman, I was at a point where I was so confused about what I wanted to do in my career. Was it that I didn’t love teaching? I presumed so at the time. I said to myself, “OK a few more years of teaching and then I need a change”. 

Fast-forward 3 years, teaching in Kampala, Uganda, where I seriously thought I would be doing my last teaching job. Instead, my love for teaching was rediscovered and I finally began to gain clarity over where I was heading in my life. An exciting series of influences were introduced to my life at this time that helped to set me on the positive path that I am on today. They were:

  • My Principal, Dan Todd, was incredibly open and supportive (follow him on Twitter)
  • Discovering I was a multipotentialite through Emile Wapnicks Ted Talk
  • PD with Taryn Bond Clegg shifted my beliefs about education (follow her on Twitter)
  • The PYP coordinator, Ryan, her passion for revolutionizing education was inspiring (follow her on Twitter)
  • AND this course “Work Your Work” by Emile Wapnick

The Course

The Work Your Work course was easy to navigate, highly motivating and an engaging resource that helped me to see that I can be my WHOLE self. I don’t have to stick to one thing. I can be a teacher and do all the other things I love. It gave me a new way of viewing the world and practical ideas for how I can start to reshape my life and career. 

Key Learning From The Course

The course empowers us to reflect and gives us tools to analyse our lives and our careers. One of the really inspiring and interesting aspects of the course was how it provided options for how you could structure your career to suit what works for you.

The Different Ways To Structure Your Career

These are the structures that the Work Your Work course takes you through in detail:

The Group Hug Work Model involves combining two or more disparate passions in a single job or business.

The Slash Work Model is having multiple part-time jobs and/or businesses that you flit between on a regular basis.

The Einstein Work Model is having one job or business that fully supports you, leaving you with time and energy to pursue your other passions on the side.

The Phoenix Work Model is working in a single industry for a longer period of time (usually 5+ years), then shifting gears and starting a new career in a new field. 

After learning about these structures through interactive activities and real-world examples I realised that “The Einstein” model is my preferred career structure, however, I now feel I am working towards the “Group Hug” method.

In Short

A lot of teachers have interests and serious skills and talents outside of teaching that are too often left unexpressed. I knew, that to be the best and most inspirational teacher that I could be for my students, I needed to find a way to shape my life so that I could grow as an inspirational educator as well as seriously pursue what is meaningful to me outside of education. The Work Your Work course was one of the first steps in helping me to see how this could be achieved. 

Your Turn

If you are wondering whether the course is right for you or have any other questions about the course I would be happy to try my best to support. Please leave your questions in the comments. Also, if you have signed up for the course, awesome! I know it will play a role in moving your life and career forward in a positive direction. If you are working on the course, or have already completed it, then it would be fantastic to hear your thoughts in the comments section.


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